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It is our responsibility to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all:
the People we serve
the Products we make
the Planet we share


Reducing consumption in order to protect our environment:

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle


We can help hotels in their sustainable journey by offering the right products.

“Companies that outperform their competitors on environmental indicators enjoy a median return-on-equity that is higher than that of their counterparts”

SUSTAINABILITY  -  Our Responsibility


With the need to improve our environment we offer the right amenities for your hotel.

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We offer a smart selection of sustainable dispenser solutions.

  • Reduce Product + Packaging Waste

  • Recycled Post-Consumer HDPE Plastic

  • Patented Valve Cap to Reduce Pollution

  • Block Bacteria

  • Prevent Leakage


All Dry-amenities and Packaging are of eco-friendly material.
You can choose your own eco-friendly outer packaging:

  • Recycled Paper

  • Natural FSC Paper Box

  • Recycled Plastic – CPE

  • Waxed Paper Pouch

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Shampoo - 15 g

Conditioner - 15 g

A revolutionary zero plastic single-use powder amenity.

The ECO POD is a sustainable solution to plastic pollution, heavy liquid formulations, and bacteria contamination arising from bulk liquid dispensers.
A waterless powder formulation is packaged in a paper pod made with 60% bamboo fiber, 30% sugarcane fiber, and 10% wood fiber, which creates a lightweight, stackable product for lighter transportation and a lower carbon footprint. 

Easy to use, easy to ship, and even easy to compost. Pioneering a new road to a zero plastic future.