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Absolute care based on thorough knowledge


You feel good when you look good.
Our skin and hair is a big part of our appearance and deserves the best product for everyday use. 


Connaissance is not just another a hair & skin care product – it’s a commitment for absolute care and developed on thorough research and years of ‘connaissance’. 
A sophisticated design for an unforgettable experience. 


Connaissance makes you feel relaxed on your holiday and comfortable on your business trip.
A refreshing Orange based fragrance with hints of jasmine and peony. Each ingredient is carefully chosen to care for your skin & hair.


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Shampoo - 30ml

  • Tube

  • Screw Cap

  • 2 Color Silk Screen Printing

Dispenser - 380ml

  • Pump Bottle

  • 2 Color Silk Screen Printing

Soap - 20 gr

  • Paperwrap

  • 2 Color Silk Screen Printing

Sweet fruits mixed with natural plants,
which crash special s
weet joy

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